Saturday, March 11

A New Life!,.....

Come in and see these beautiful souls,...

Friday, March 10

Up-date From Our Overnight Hostess

I have a yard full of Hobbit Birddoggies!!
They are all doing wonderful this a.m. Stinker Orange Ozzie girl Pointer even had the tenacity to climb out of my yard! The remaining Setter puppies are playing, jumping on me and giving kisses.

Sudden movements might scare them a bit- but they will be just fine.

The Pointers are a HOOT!! They are also small and squatty in stature- the pregnant one was so petite. Sunny is going to have a BLAST in Mass- she is sooooo playful. Lexie and Ozzie are probably sisters. Ozzie could be the mom to Sunny Disposition, and the Liver and white sweetheart I am calling Brownie.
I know not very original- on 4 hours sleep that’s all I could come up with. Brownie is a dancer- Janine- you will love her and Ozzie. Brownie absconded with the bag of Swiss cheese I had on the picnic table. She was so proud of herself!!

Emma could have been the Mom

The 2 remaining pups are coming around. Wylie Coyote is quite the singer- Janine she will be a good project for you- but she is food motivated so that is good.

Then there is Lauren’s, Plumpy. She is quite the eater- loves cheese! Both pups got more confidence with yummy food.

The hound is a bit timid but she did like Hercules the best. She will do well with Erin’s Show bred Pointer pack! ( this poor girl was beated repeatedly)

All the dogs dined on Solid Gold Wolf King and Companion Naturals Beef frozen raw. The Pointers love the raw food- not a surprise. As a group they did have a howling good time last night- but finally all went to sleep.

GOD BLESS ERIN for saving all these wonderful dogs!!

Lisa Spakowski

Pointers, Setters, Puppies, and a Hound! Oh my!

Have recieved word that everyone, to include 6 Settes, 6 Pointers, a Hound, GSP, and many puppies, and of course Erin,... are safe and sound and very tired in Chicago.
But according to their overnight hostess, not too tired that the Setters didn't get a bath before bed time!
Hopefully will have new photo's and updates very soon.

Something to keep in the back of our minds, is that 36 dogs are un accounted for,....2 or 3 dogs remain on the mountain,... running loose,...

Thursday, March 9

And Now for some Good News,...

Erin, is on the Road with I believe,... 6 setters, 6 pointers, and maybe more!.
All are headed to safety, and a much calmer setting to begin their transition on to a better life.

Please keep checking back to see the updates as things unfold!

Say Good bye, to this awful life that is now behind you!
May the Angels, and the spirits of those that were called home when you left the Mountain, watch over you, and Erin, as the miles pass by. We will all be waiting to hear of your safe arrival.

Wednesday, March 8

Some Sad News,..

The Setters do not practically pee and poop on themselves... they DO. They literally sprawl out on the ground with legs out each direction and freeze, and pee and poop on themselves when you touch them.
The one at Brenda's house who has been handled is doing MUCH better though, so I know they will all be fine, but they need to move ASAP.
Also,the shelter still is attempting to adopt them out.
God knows who would adopt a dog in this state, but someone is interested in one white boy at the shelter who's in the office now, so he's a little braver.

The Snow is Gone, But 3 Dogs Remain,...

The snow is gone,but three dogs remain on Boat Mountain, they need our help!


Relief for some, of the Boat Mountain Tragedy, has arrived in Arkansas,..Soon many of these wonderful dogs will be on the road to a new and well deserved life.
Updates will resume this weekend.

Saturday, March 4

Saturday Afternoon Update

We have been able to come up with a plan to move several of the Pointers and Mixed Puppies, Thanks to Illinois Bird Dog Rescue, and Pointer Rescue.

Volunteers from Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue have agreed to help sort out ,and set up transports to whereever needed, and foster any dogs in need.

Eastern Shore Animal Rescue League, of Maryland, will be assisting the English Setters.
We also have recieved offers from as far as California, from the German Shorthair Pointer Rescue

There are more rescues involved as well, more to come,....

Friday, March 3

Thursday, March 2

We Somehow Missed This Sweet Old Girl..

Can there be a Home for me??
Will I be able to adjust to such a different life,....

As of this Afternoon,...

The legal release forms have finally been completed, now waiting for the judge to sign,.....
Things do move really slow in Arkansas,......
We have a few folks step up to foster some of the Pointers From Boat Mountain, but there are still many left who need your help.

Remember, we are working with 4 Elderly women who have run this Shelter for a LONG time,...

An updated list of dogs in need will be out very soon.
Thank you all for your patience...... I know it has not been easy!

Boat Mountain Video

Check out the video of the dogs, shows their desperation!

Wednesday, March 1

Frustration is creeping in,..

Can you imagine what it is like for the four women , ages 70 - 94, who are trying desperately to help these poor puppers?

This is what Brenda wrote to me in regards to the situation:

This is a small shelter that's overrun with many dogs, and run by extremely old people (76, 70, 88, 94....) and they don't get the gist of how important it is to move fast when there are openings and people willing to help. They have no clue what a rescue or transport is......

We realize that the nation is still trying to regroup after Katrina,..
I know from speaking with several Shelter directors along the east coast AND the Midwest, that they are seeing record numbers of dogs coming in since December.
I know we are seeing high numbers at our rescue as well, same with our friends at American Brittany Rescue, and the ESRA folks in GA.,...
we have not yet hit the Internet with a full blown cry for help, as we were waiting for a more accurate number. I think this is close enough,..

Latest update...

We are still in need of help for the pointers we are pretty good on the english setters for now,..... but there are more we have not seen,..
I am getting ready to post to several yahoo lists that i belong to, and see what we can drum up,...If people step up to take JUST one dog,... it will be worth it,..

Many Dogs Yet in Foster Care

These Photos that you have seen below are the dogs currently at the small shelter , we are told there may be as many as 40 - 50 more spread out in different foster homes,..

Brenda is planning a trip to the Chicago area this weekend taking many of the smaller dogs and some puppies as well .

The earliest we would be able to move any dogs a great distance would be the weekend of March 11th and 12th .

Unfortunately, the legal system does not put animal welfare on any kind of expedient schedule,.....

They Say A Picture Paints A Thousand Words,.......

Go Tell it on the Mountain,...

Everything is going to be okay,... we promise,....

The Boat Mountain Pointers

These two have seen the worst of this terrible incident,...

Tuesday, February 28

The Innocent ones

Learning to trust, won't be so hard for these guys!!

The Boat Mountain Clan,....

These first six photos seem to be a "Family of 4" English Setters

Mom, in the dog house

Mom reassuring Dad, that things will be better now,...

Mr. and Misses,...

A female,...

Finally, they are safe,....

Help Is Here!

Permission was given to legally come on to the property,....

Close ups of The Bone Yard,...

We are still waiting for "Legal" consent to begin the process of moving these poor dogs onto a better life.

To think that this is where they were living,..... is unthinkable,...


Good Morning All,..

Brenda will be getting an inventory of the dogs that are needing placed later on today(Tuesday),.. thanks for your patience!

Monday, February 27

So Far We have,...

So far, we have 10 that have been spoken for, and then a couple more from another shelter, and still waiting to hear from others,.. keep your paws crossed,.. please,..

More Survivors!

Sunday, February 26

Much Help is Needed!

There are at least 50 - 60 Bird dogs that are in desperate need of our help.
Myself Iwill be avaialble to help organize transports to where ever there may be room,..
I will have more information availavble later on.


A Plea for Help from Arkansas

We had to confiscate over 50 dogs, American Field Bred Pointers (I think) and English Setters... can send you pictures.. but they were in awful condition.

It's a long story, but basically this Gary Kimes had over 60 dogs out on a mountain, and was feeding them slaughter house carcasses and old bread still in the bags.
They were living in 50 gallon barrels for shelter. Most were extremely emaciated, some dead, and a few had to be euthanized. After the whole thing hit the press and then the guy committed suicide. We have not yet gotten a release from the courts out here, but we're gonna try to move some anyways. They have no clue how many dogs are in foster homes, nor the shelter. Some have already been altered and had all shots....worming... not HW, though. Not too many mosquitos out here, and the shelter is very poor.
Surprisingly most of the dogs are very docile and loveable, despite no real human contact. I have a few I'm fostering that need more time before they can be adopted, just still soooo scared and timid -- but we need all the help we can to move some of these.

It was a pitiful sight. Dead dogs laying around, 2 pens the slaughter house carcasses were 12 inches deep the dogs couldn't even touch the ground, a puppy trying to feed off of his dead mother, garbage real food and definitely no water...I can try to send pictures. The first time I forgot my camera, the 2nd time we had this mini blizzard so you can't really see it all --but I can mail you the newspaper's article if you wish,they did a great story on it, or fax it to you if you have a fax machine. I can attempt a scan and email, but that probably wouldn't be that clear.

The shelter down here is not anywhere near as sophisticated as up there -- and everyone out here keeps their dogs outside 24/7, so was wondering if you can help with taking some dogs into your rescue. So many are sooo sweet, and I hate the idea of them being outside all the time.

Can you, and other rescues you may feel comfortable with, help us in any way?
Out here dogs do not get much respect, and they'd all be "outside" dogs. People out here dump them all the time in the woods -- or keep them outside and sort of forget to feed them -- there's a lot of folks out here that have no sympathy for the animals -- and the ones that do love them, never spay or neuter them, and have them riding in the back of the pickup trucks with no protection, all the time.
Still real backwards here. Also, sheriff will not arrest anyone for animal abuse, and there's a lot of it here.
Been working on the prosecutor, who is a lot more sympathetic -- but have to be careful in a small town about starting some major political fights.

If you remember that Tammy Hanson that had all the Katrina dogs, well, the prosecutor realized how powerful the animal rights movement is, so this is a good time to step in and get laws passed.... but that's off on a tangent. Just so happens she didn't show up for sentencing yesterday, either.

Please call me or email me. It's Brenda Bowers, 870 414-1245 is the cell, home is 870 436-3964, and the email is

I just opened the Baxter News from a Mountain Home local newspaper, will attach the article of that Tammy Hansen at the end if I can, just as a side issue.

They really need some help out here, if you can help, or steer us in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Newspaper article...below

Groups push to make animal cruelty a felonyCHANDRA HUSTON Bulletin Staff Writer
Animal cruelty has felony-level penalties in 41 states, but Arkansas is not one of those states.
Three recent animal cruelty cases have residents and lawmakers thinking about a push to make the current Class A misdemeanor offense a felony.


Barbara Chambers, North Central Arkansas Humane Society board member, said the cases of neglect have to stop. Chambers said she expects the local Humane Society to join others soon to lobby for a law making animal cruelty a felony.
"It's something we've needed for a long time," she said. "I think we would have less problems with animal abuse and neglect."
The first major case occurred in October 2005. Tammy and William Hanson of Gamaliel were arrested and charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty after authorities found nearly 500 dogs, some thin and sitting in their own feces and urine, at the Hansons' shelter, Every Dog Needs A Home (EDNAH). The couple was found guilty on 20 of the 28 counts.
In January, Bruce Teeter of Bruno was arrested and charged with three counts of animal cruelty and failure to test for EIA, or Equine Infectious Anemia. Investigators found one dead mare and nine malnourished horses on Teeter's property. His trial is March 6.
The latest animal cruelty case came this month in neighboring Boone County. Gary L. Kimes was arrested and charged with animal cruelty for having approximately 40 emaciated dogs on his property in rural Boone County. Kimes later committed suicide.
State Sen. Shawn Womack said he has been approached by local individuals about toughening animal cruelty laws.
When asked if he would be willing to sponsor a bill allowing for felony penalties for animal cruelty, Womack said he would be interested in looking into the matter.
"I think we do need to do something that would allow for felony-level penalties," he said.
Womack said the bill would have to be well written with options for misdemeanor and felony charges.
Womack said there have been several attempts in the Legislature to bring about felony penalties for animal cruelty, but all of those efforts have failed.
"Each of those has been unsuccessful because of problems with either the language overreaching or confusion," he said.
In 2002, an attempt to make animal cruelty a felony failed at the hands of state voters. Act 1, commonly known as the Arkansas Animal Cruelty Act, would have allowed felony charges to be brought against anyone who "knowingly tortures, mutilates, maims, burns, poisons or maliciously kills, starves or disfigures any animal, according to ballot language.
The measure failed with 62 percent voting no and 38 percent voting for the issue. Opponents said the bill was loosely written and did not take into account the needs of farmers who have unwanted animals tearing up their crops.
The act would have made animal cruelty a Class D felony with a punishment of up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Arkansas isn't alone in its quest to create tougher laws. Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Kansas.
Originally published February 24, 2006