Wednesday, March 1

Frustration is creeping in,..

Can you imagine what it is like for the four women , ages 70 - 94, who are trying desperately to help these poor puppers?

This is what Brenda wrote to me in regards to the situation:

This is a small shelter that's overrun with many dogs, and run by extremely old people (76, 70, 88, 94....) and they don't get the gist of how important it is to move fast when there are openings and people willing to help. They have no clue what a rescue or transport is......

We realize that the nation is still trying to regroup after Katrina,..
I know from speaking with several Shelter directors along the east coast AND the Midwest, that they are seeing record numbers of dogs coming in since December.
I know we are seeing high numbers at our rescue as well, same with our friends at American Brittany Rescue, and the ESRA folks in GA.,...
we have not yet hit the Internet with a full blown cry for help, as we were waiting for a more accurate number. I think this is close enough,..


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