Friday, March 10

Up-date From Our Overnight Hostess

I have a yard full of Hobbit Birddoggies!!
They are all doing wonderful this a.m. Stinker Orange Ozzie girl Pointer even had the tenacity to climb out of my yard! The remaining Setter puppies are playing, jumping on me and giving kisses.

Sudden movements might scare them a bit- but they will be just fine.

The Pointers are a HOOT!! They are also small and squatty in stature- the pregnant one was so petite. Sunny is going to have a BLAST in Mass- she is sooooo playful. Lexie and Ozzie are probably sisters. Ozzie could be the mom to Sunny Disposition, and the Liver and white sweetheart I am calling Brownie.
I know not very original- on 4 hours sleep that’s all I could come up with. Brownie is a dancer- Janine- you will love her and Ozzie. Brownie absconded with the bag of Swiss cheese I had on the picnic table. She was so proud of herself!!

Emma could have been the Mom

The 2 remaining pups are coming around. Wylie Coyote is quite the singer- Janine she will be a good project for you- but she is food motivated so that is good.

Then there is Lauren’s, Plumpy. She is quite the eater- loves cheese! Both pups got more confidence with yummy food.

The hound is a bit timid but she did like Hercules the best. She will do well with Erin’s Show bred Pointer pack! ( this poor girl was beated repeatedly)

All the dogs dined on Solid Gold Wolf King and Companion Naturals Beef frozen raw. The Pointers love the raw food- not a surprise. As a group they did have a howling good time last night- but finally all went to sleep.

GOD BLESS ERIN for saving all these wonderful dogs!!

Lisa Spakowski


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dog was beaten? really? It couldn't be that they were only used to the one person who used to come take care of them?

I knew Gary Kimes and that dog was not beaten.

4:00 PM  

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